Gray Zone Warfare Releases Hotfix 3

Gray Zone Warfare players may finely have a fix for invisible heads.

A third Gray Zone Warfare hotfix went live this week to once again take a crack at the bug that's been causing players to quite literally lose their heads when joining servers. Previous hotfixes have attempted to fix the same issue, though even after those, it was discovered the invisibility persisted. Other changes included in this same update were directed at things like crashes players were experiencing, but like the other smaller hotfixes before it, this latest patch doesn't have quite as much to it as a full-on update.

As such, the patch notes for Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix #3 are pretty brief, so we'll get right to them with those fixes found below:

Gray Zone Warfare Hotfix #3


  • [Fixed] An issue that prevented players from canceling matchmaking.
  • [Fixed] A crash in the friends panel when searching for friends.
  • [Fixed] A common ui crash.
  • [Fixed] Several other, more general client and server crashes.
  • [Fixed] An issue where players lost their head, clothes, or containers after rejoining a server.
  • [Fixed] An issue where the dlc apparel would appear in the stash after claiming.


  • [Changed] Optimized server connections to prioritize joining already running servers.

Marek Rabas, the CEO and co-founder of Gray Zone Warfare developer Madfinger Games, tweeted about the update as well and specified that this one should indeed fix the player head issue. Rabas also told players that there's a larger patch on the way that'll head to open beta soon for players to test out before it goes live for everyone else.

"Hey, the hotfix is live! It should resolve all the issues with storing player persistent data and fix your heads. We're still working on a larger patch, which will transition from internal to open beta testing this week," Rabas said. "We had to slow down a bit due to national holidays and the need for people to take vacations, so they don't burn out. Hope you understand. Thank you for playing #GZW and supporting us. It means a lot to the whole team."

Crashes and bugs have been pretty much everything that the hotfixes have consisted of thus far, though the one before today's did add one feature that players had been asking for. Gray Zone Warfare asks players to choose a faction when they start the game, but players were realizing that if they and their friends chose different factions, they couldn't play together on the same team and had no way to reset their choice to remedy that. Hotfix #2 added an option to do so, but it's best done early on since it means wiping your progression if you want to repick your faction.

Gray Zone Warfare is now available on Steam as an early access release.