Sea of Thieves Gets First Update Following PS5 Release

A new Sea of Thieves hotfix has arrived.

A new update for Sea of Thieves has dropped across all platforms. This past week, SoT made waves (pun intended) when it finally released for PlayStation 5. In tandem with this release, Season 12 of the game went live and brought with it a ton of new content to experience. Now, in the wake of this launch, a new hotfix for Sea of Thieves has been let loose to resolve various problems that have started to appear. 

As a whole, update version for Sea of Thieves isn't all that massive. The patch primarily looks to fix a couple of gameplay issues that have started to appear, with one overhaul being tied to the Megalodon and it being unwilling to fight against players. Rare has also improved the game's performance on Xbox platforms and has made some changes to the War Chest and Pirate Emporium. In all likelihood, another patch of this nature should be on the horizon as Rare continues to find more problems that need to be addressed. 

Until then, you can find the full patch notes for this new Sea of Thieves update attached at the bottom of the page. 

Sea of Thieves Update Patch Notes



  • Crews engaging a Megalodon should no longer find that it suddenly becomes passive and leaves the encounter. Be prepared to fight!

  • Players are no longer able to get into a state where they can rapidly throw many throwing knives faster than intended.

  • Shooting a ranged weapon at a player holding a Gunpowder Barrel should now consistently hit and detonate the barrel first, rather than sometimes hitting the player behind it.

The War Chest

  • Players firing a Bone Caller at Skeleton Ships should now progress the Skeleton Squared Commendation.

Pirate Emporium

  • The Blow Bubbles Emote has now had its price corrected from 249 to 149 Ancient Coins. Players who purchased the emote at the incorrect price will be reimbursed 100 Ancient Coins.

Performance and Stability

  • Players on Xbox attempting to play Sea of Thieves before the full game package has been installed should no longer experience instability during play.