Nintendo Reveals When Switch 2 Will be Announced and When Next Nintendo Direct Is Happening

A new Nintendo Direct arrives in June, but don't expect a Switch 2 reveal yet.

Early this morning, Nintendo made some big announcements about the company's future. In a post on Twitter, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa officially announced that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will be revealed before the end of the company's current fiscal year, which is set to conclude in March 2025. We don't know exactly when the announcement will come, but we do know when it won't happen, and that's next month; Furukawa also announced that a new Nintendo Direct presentation will take place in the month of June, which will exclusively focus on software releasing for the current system. 

"We will make an announcement about the successor to Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year. It will have been over nine years since we announced the existence of Nintendo Switch back in March 2015. We will be holding a Nintendo Direct this June regarding the Nintendo Switch software lineup for the latter half of 2024, but please be aware that there will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during that presentation," Furukawa wrote on Twitter.  

June Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct in June isn't too surprising; the company has typically held events that month, using those presentations as a way of laying out plans for the holiday season. During last year's June presentation, several new games were announced, including Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the Super Mario RPG remake. As of this writing, Nintendo has just two first-party games announced for release in 2024: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, which are set to release in May and June, respectively. 

In 2024, Nintendo has largely focused on smaller games, as well as remakes of existing titles. Fans and pundits believe that games like Another Code: Recollection and the Mario vs. Donkey Kong remake have been used to fill out Switch's final year, as Nintendo studios like Nintendo EPD and Next Level Games work on Switch 2 titles, such as the next 3D Mario game, Luigi's Mansion 4, and more. 

When Will the Next Nintendo System Release?

Nintendo is promising a reveal for the so-called "Switch 2" before the end of its fiscal year, but the prevailing theory has been that the system will actually be released by that point, as well. Most recently, rumors have suggested that the new system will come out in March 2025, which would be 8 years after the launch of Nintendo Switch. The system was originally expected to launch in the second half of 2024, but a number of outlets reported that the system was pushed back. We don't know what games to expect at launch, but many believe that we'll see a brand-new 3D Mario game in a style similar to Super Mario Odyssey. Given the massive, worldwide success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it would make sense to launch a new system with a new Mario! 

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