Chips Ahoy New Gluten Free Cookies

The new certified gluten free cookies are hitting store shelves this month.

Chips Ahoy cookies are going gluten free. On Monday, the brand announced their first-ever certified gluten free cookie offering, Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free. The new cookie is a permanent addition to the Chips Ahoy lineup and is set to hit store shelves nationwide this month.

According to the brand, the new Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free was no simple undertaking to create. The brand says that it took years to create the recipe, with more than 40 recipes developed and over 3000 hours spent on the product before finding the one that would recreate the brand's iconic taste and texture, just without the gluten.

"When we set out to create our first Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free cookie, we didn't want it to be a good gluten free cookie, we wanted it to be a great cookie that's also gluten free," Jainette Quinones, Brand Manager Chips Ahoy! Innovation said in a press release. "I am proud to say that our innovation team has succeeded. The new Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free cookie is an absolutely delicious cookie that everyone can enjoy."

Oreo Debuted Gluten Free Cookies in 2023

Chips Ahoy is just the latest iconic cookie to get a gluten free option. In 2021, Oreo launched their iconic cookie in a gluten free form, then followed that up in January 2023 with the arrival of Oreo Gluten Free Mint cookies, also a permanent offering in the cookie lineup. They are described as "a tasty new spin on the classic treat, and just as dunkable, Oreo Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are made with real cocoa and a blend of gluten free flour."

As was noted above, the new Chips Ahoy! Gluten Free cookies are rolling out to store shelves nationwide this month. They are a permanent addition to the Chips Ahoy cookie lineup.