Hades 2 Had An Impressive 24-Hour Start To Early Access

Hades 2 is earning a spot on Steam charts in its debut days of early access.

In case you somehow missed the internet exploding with excitement over it, Hades 2 has entered its Early Access period and fans are already having a great time with the highly anticipated sequel...a lot of fans, it turns out. Supergiant Games' Hades 2 has peaked at a massive 103,567 players for its first 24-hours per its Steam Charts, with 97.1% of its current reviews trending on the positive side.

In addition to the impressive player stats, Hades 2 is also the number 1 game on Steam's current Top Selling Games chart. Hades 2 also ranks in the seventh spot on the Steam chart for the Top 100 Most Played games currently, ranking behind Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Apex Legends, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Stardew Valley, and HELLDIVERS 2.

Currently Hades 2 can be played exclusively on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, and givcn that the game is in early access players aren't experiencing the game in full. As for the full release, Supergiant has said the following:

"We expect the full version of Hades 2 to include a more-complete, more-polished set of features and content in comparison to the Early Access version, along with Steam Achievements and the true ending to the story. During Early Access, our plan is to release a Major Update every few months containing new features and content, followed soon after by patches to shore up any issues. We are looking to release the first of these Major Updates later this year. An in-game Development Roadmap provides more context on where we're at in development and our current priorities."

What's incredibly impressive about Hades 2's early access version is that it already has more to offer to players by the way of environments, foes, and fully-voiced characters than the full release of the original Hades game, indicating the level of work that went into getting the sequel where it is, and how much more it will take Supergiant to get the game where they need it to be. As this is Supergiant's first sequel, they've previously noted that their goal was to "re-capture the sense of wonder and delight of its predecessor," something that many players feel they've accomplished already just based on the first bit of time with the ability to enjoy early access.

Supergiant Games notes on the game's Steam page that they "expect Hades 2 to be in Early Access development at least through the end of 2024." Given the nature of Early Access development, they don't have a specific end date planned at this time, which also means there's not an official release date for the full release of Hades 2 just yet, but with the impressive 24-hour early access debut, it looks like promising reactions are ahead for the game.

Are you trying out Hades 2 in Early Access, or will you be waiting patiently for the game's full release?