Bluey's "The Sign" Inspires Zillow and Ryan Reynolds to Team for New Ad Saying Moving Isn't That Bad

Bluey's "The Sign" Inspires the new ad from Zillow and Ryan Reynolds.

Bluey's massive episode, "The Sign", has inspired a partnership between Ryan Reynolds and Zillow. Their new ad tries to convince families that moving isn't that bad, instead, it can be a normal part of life. The Deadpool & Wolverine star has been on a marketing bonanza ahead of the massive Marvel Studios movie dropping this summer. But, the actor has also managed to work Bluey into the mix as well. (Possibly the only thing on the planet bigger than the buzz for Deadpool's big entry into the MCU?) At any rate, Maximum Effort and their boss argue that moving can be a "positive experience" for your family. 

Dan Brumm is a familiar voice for Bluey fans all across the world. He's a professional voiceover artist and the voice of Uncle Stripe. The Bluey star lends his talents to this Zillow ad as a group of dogs make their big decision around their homes. Moving can be "ruff", however the home rental/buying website's data indicates that 81 percent of parents think that their recent move ended up being worth it in the long-haul.

Zillow Shares Tips To Manage Moving

(Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)
  1. Manage your own stress first — Children often take on their parents' emotions, so taking steps to reduce your stress during a move can help everyone. On Zillow, you can assemble a team of experts you trust: a top-rated lender and an agent who will work together to coordinate your sale and new purchase. 
  2. Start early — Prepare your children for a move as early as possible. Children younger than 10 would benefit from hands-on materials to help. Use a map to show them where their new home or school will be. Look at photos online and point out their new bedroom or the tree in the backyard that's perfect for climbing. 
  3. Allow time for goodbyes — Set up playdates to give your child a chance to say goodbye to their friends and neighbors. Make a plan to visit favorite neighborhood spots one last time, and make a memory box to save souvenirs that remind your child of their old home, friends or neighborhood. 
  4. Maintain connections — Help your child create a concrete way to stay connected with friends through email, text, letters or phone calls. Prior to your moving day, consider establishing a date for when you'll come back to visit. 
  5. Create a sense of belonging — Help your child settle into their new home by unpacking boxes in their room as soon as you can. Give them the feeling of ownership over their space by allowing them to decorate or select special furnishings they want.  
  6. Be consistent — Return to family routines as quickly as possible with established bedtimes, family time and mealtimes.  

Will There Be A Bluey Season 4?


While moving is pretty scary for a bunch of families, so is the prospect of Bluey ending. Season 3 closed the book on this group of episodes with "The Sign." The Heelers starred in a 28-minute emotional roller coaster to close things out. Bloomberg recently asked about development on Season 4. Daley Pearson of Ludo Studio and Disney Branded Television president Ayo Davis offered their takes on what is coming up for Bluey.

"Now that it's gone to 28 minutes, is it another season? Is it another—another something?" Pearson began. "We always wanted Bluey to be surprising and give the audience something they don't know they want. That's what we're thinking about. What is that thing? What is that vehicle that is next for Bluey?"

Davis also couldn't give a definitive statement: "I can't really comment on Bluey's future. But this is an important piece of business to our company." She adds, "We do love Bluey and Bingo, and so we want to stay in that business."

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