WWE's Roxanne Perez Takes Down Chelsea Green to Retain NXT Women's Title

In a superb WWE NXT main event, Roxanne Perez retains her NXT Women's Championship against SmackDown's Chelsea Green

Roxanne Perez looked to add a major win to her WWE NXT Women's Championship reign during tonight's NXT, as The Prodigy was set to battle SmackDown Superstar Chelsea Green in the main event. Green even had the chance to reunite with Robert Stone ahead of the match-up, and once in the ring Green looked poised to take Perez's newly won Title before the Champ could even get her bearings. Green almost got an early pin and then almost stole the win again much to the Champ's frustration, but Perez would lock in and take control of the match for an extended portion. The two superstars both attempted to hit their finishers and while both failed the initial attempts, Perez was able to counter into hers and get enough of it to land to seal the deal and get the win.

Perez and Green locked up right away and Perez took control with a wrist lock. Green countered and then almost pinned Perez, but the Champ got away at the last minute. Perez got up top and slapped Green, and then Perez was sprinting across the ring but Green caught her as she slid under the ropes, knocking the Champion down face-first.

Perez came back with a vengeance, pulling Green out of the ring and then slamming her face into the announce table. Perez broke the count up and then continued to attack Green on the outside, slamming the challenger into the barricade. That left Green stunned for a minute as the referee started the count, but Green was able to make it back into the ring.

Perez went to pounce but Green almost rolled up the Champ again, infuriating Perez. Perez unleashed a host of strikes and then put her foot on the challenger, but Green kicked out of the cover attempt. Perez slammed Green down and then hit an uppercut into a cover attempt, but Green kicked out. Perez slapped Green around and Green was clearly getting annoyed, responding with some strikes to Perez.

Perez went for the Russian Leg Sweep but Green countered. Then both superstars exchanged punches but Preez hit a flurry of them before eating a big boot from Green. Green followed up with a Rough Rider that left both superstars on the mat.

Green went on a roll, connecting with several strikes and then a slam to the mat and a pin attempt, though Perez kicked out of the cover. Perez knocked Green back with a punch and a dropkick, but Green pulled Perez's neck against the ropes. Then Green stomped on the back of Perez's head and proceeded to head up top, but Perez caught her with a kick to the head.

Perez hit the huge hurricanrana from the top into a pin, but Green kicked out. Perez stayed on Green but Green was able to launch Perez with a suplex. Green went up top again and this time connected with a missile dropkick into a pin. Perez kicked out again, and Green went for the Unprettier. Perez went for Pop Rocks but didn't hit it, as Green reversed into a cover attempt. They traded pin attempts but none of them landed, and then Perez countered Green's move with a Pop Rocks. While she didn't get all of it, she got enough to get the pin and the win.

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