WWE Reveals Delightful New NXT Couple and Trick Williams' First Title Challenger

WWE's Trick Williams has his first NXT Championship challenger in Noam Dar, who wasn't happy about Williams and Lash Legend

WWE's Trick Williams now holds the NXT Championship after a thriller at Spring Breakin', and now the fan-favorite has the first challenger of his Championship reign. This was revealed during Williams' appearance on Meta-Four's Supernova Sessions, where Noam Dar and Lash Legend were set to show Williams what they had in the mysterious yellow envelope. This big reveal ultimately fell flat for Williams, but Meta-Four called him a fraud because of it. That led to Williams revealing that he and Legend were actually a couple, but Dar wasn't having it, and now is gearing up to challenge Williams for his NXT Championship.

The segment started with Legend hesitating to reveal what was in the envelope, and Jakara Jackson had to snap her out of it. Dar then pulled out a photograph from his previous match with Williams, and it showed Dar's foot on the ropes as Williams pinned him. Dar said this match is what set the tone for Williams' big run, and it was all based on a lie.

"The truth...look and see, this victory is what gave you the momentum to slay the Mad Dragon and become NXT Champion. But this is evidence that everything that you have is built on a lie. You are nothing but a no-good Trick, and I'm going to expose your scheme," Dar said.

Williams wasn't impressed, saying, "That's it? That's all ya'll got for me? You brought me all the way here for a picture in an envelope?" Oro Mensah took issue with his evaluation but soon Williams let him have it on the microphone. Then Williams told Dar this felt like the Maury Povich show, and added "And Trick Willy ain't the daddy!"

Then Williams turned his attention towards Legend, telling her "Lash, do you want to tell em, or want me to tell em?" Legend looked flustered and the rest of the group looked confused, but then Legend called Williams "Babe" and really set everything off. Williams then said "It's about me and you right now. Tell the people that you call me Trick Willy Wonka."

Dar had enough of this back and forth and knocked out Williams. Then Dar lifted the NXT Championship and gave fans a possible preview of the future, holding the Title high and then throwing it toward Williams. The fans are clearly already invested in the power couple of Williams and Legend, and now that will seemingly tie into the building storyline between Williams and Dar.

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