Xbox Series X Is Finally Adding a Feature It Should Have Had at Launch

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S about to get better to use.

When the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S released back in 2020, they were both missing many features players had come accustomed to during the PS4 and Xbox One generation and anticipating with a new generation of console gaming. Over time, both Sony and Microsoft have been slowly padding out both consoles with these features and more. To this end, a feature that should have been compatible with the new Xbox consoles at launch is finally in testing and should be rolled out to the wider public sometime soon. 

More specifically, Microsoft is finally testing the ability for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to remember more than one Wi-Fi networks. For some, this is an irrelevant feature, however, for anyone who travels with their Xbox console, this a substantial quality-of-life feature. 

Right now, it is only in testing, so there is always a chance this will not come to the public, but typically once something hits the testing phase it is an eventuality that it comes to the broader base. When though, is the question. Usually, there is several months between this testing phase and a broader release, but sometimes the period in between these two events drags on for longer. In this instance, there's no way to know which case we will have. 

It's also been revealed that Xbox is once again testing more changes to the Xbox dashboard. This time it has added the ability to enable game art backgrounds with any dynamic or regular background. This is an improvement from the current optimization, which forces you use to the default background to get the game art feature. 

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H/T, Tom Warren.