TopSpin 2K25 Releases First Update With Patch Notes

TopSpin 2K25's latest update includes several Pro Player stat adjustments.

After more than a decade without a new game in the Top Spin franchise, publisher 2K Games finally launched TopSpin 2K25 late last month. The game boasted solid scores at launch, nabbing a 78 from Metacritic for the PlayStation 5 version. That said, TopSpin 2K25 wasn't without its issues, and developer Hangar 13 has been hard at work on the first patch. That dropped today, though it took some time before the TopSpin 2K25 devs made the patch notes available. Thankfully, they've posted them on Twitter and the official site, giving players all the information they need to see what's changed in the new update.

The most notable change in the new update is that several Pro Players have had stat adjustments. Unfortunately, 2K Games didn't specify which players have been changed in the patch notes, but reports on Reddit claim that Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have been nerfed. Hopefully, 2K adds more transparency in these player updates moving forward. For now, you'll just want to check the subreddit to see if players find more nerfs or buffs. 

Beyond that, the team has added some new features for MyPlayer and Career Mode. Now, you'll be able to select from 30 new countries when creating your character. Meanwhile, the team has changed some objectives in career mode to ensure that players don't see as many repeats. Finally, there are some general server stability improvements, though again, 2K Games didn't provide many details about what they're doing behind the scenes.

Below, you can find the full patch notes for the May 7th update. TopSpin 2K25 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of new patches for TopSpin 2K25. Players on the official subreddit have been asking for 2K to address some of the gameplay issues (most notably accuracy and power), so it would be great to see the team address those problems in a future update.

TopSpin 2K25 May 7th Update Patch Notes

  • Pro Player Stats Adjustments – Updated stats for some pros to address community feedback.
  • Additional Countries for MyPLAYER – Added approximately 30 new countries as selectable choices in MyPLAYER.
  • Career Mode Status Objective Update – Addressed a reported concern regarding instances where the Career Mode "status" objectives for Young Gun and New Talent were repeated.
  • Server Stability Improvements – Made adjustments to improve server stability.