Adventure Time Star John DiMaggio Joined the Cast Thanks to SpongeBob's Advice

Jake The Dog might not have been a part of the Land of Oooo if not for Spongebob.

Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants and Cartoon Network's Adventure Time have become two of the biggest animated series in recent memory. The denizens of Bikini Bottom recently celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary and the Land of Ooo is planning to continue by following the story of Fionna and Cake in a second season on MAX. In one interesting exchange, it seems that the voice of Jake The Dog stuck with Adventure Time thanks to input from the voice actor who brings to life the Krusty Krab's best fry cook.

John DiMaggio might be Jake The Dog in Adventure Time, but the voice actor has brought to life countless well known characters during his illustrious voice acting career. Perhaps most recognizably, DiMaggio plays the part of Bender, the crude-talking, steel bending member of the Planet Express in Futurama. He has also played some surprising roles in a number of animated projects from the DC Universe, taking on roles like the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, the Mad Hatter, King Shark, and Mr. Freeze to name a few. Since Fionna And Cake takes place in time periods that don't feature Jake that often, it will be interesting to see if DiMaggio gets the chance to return to the role.

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Spongebob's Adventure Time Advice

Originally, DiMaggio didn't quite understand what he was getting into when joining the cast of Adventure Time, but Tom Kenny reassured him that this was a project that was worth sticking with. Of course, Kenny isn't just Spongebob, as he played the role of the antagonist, the Ice King, in the Cartoon Network series as well. Since Simon Petrikov played a massive role in Fionna and Cake's first season, Kenny returning to the role seems like a safe bet. While no release date has been set for Fionna And Cake Season 2, we'll be sure to let you know once it does. 

Here's how DiMaggio stated that Kenny kept him onboard for Adventure Time, "Tom Kenny said to me, 'This is this generation's "Yellow Submarine"' and I was, like, 'All right, let me let it go and follow that advice."

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