Hetalia: The Glorious Road Shares First Trailer, Poster

Hetalia launched its overdue comeback as a franchise back in 2021.

Hetalia is the series that never dies. You may think the anime's time has come and gone, but that would not be accurate. After all, the series has a comeback at hand thanks to Hetalia: The Glorious Road. The IP is working on a new stage musical, and its first trailer has just gone live.

As you can see below, Hetalia: The Glorious Road is ready to tap into the anime's favorite nations. From America to England and Prussia, the main cast of this show is packed. So if you need a full list of who's who, you can read the cast breakdown below:

  • Ryoki Nagae as North Italy
  • Yusuke Ueda as Germany
  • Ryuuko Isogai as America
  • Daisuke Hirose as England
  • Juri Aikawa as France
  • Yuki Yamaoki as Russia
  • Gaku Takamoto as Prussia
  • Yuta Higuchi as South Italy/Romano
  • Tooru Isono as Netherlands

For those wanting to see this Hetalia musical, the stage production will kick off in Kyoto this August before moving across the nation. Its final performance will be on September 8th in Tokyo. This musical acts as the third in a series as Hetalia has been on stage before. The first musical of the series went live in December 2021, and the second debuted in April 2023.

Obviously, Hetalia has made quite the comeback, and we're not just talking about its stage ambitions. If you did not realize, the series itself returned as Hetalia World Stars was given an anime run in 2021. The launch coincided with the return of Hetalia World Stars' manga. The series originally debuted in 2014 but went on hiatus in 2018; The manga returned under Hidekaz Himaruya in 2021, and it has been a constant presence in Shonen Jump+ since.

If you are not familiar with Hetalia, the series has a long history. You can find the original anime streaming on Crunchyroll as well as Amazon Prime. So for more info on Hetalia's historical angle, you can read its official synopsis below:

"The awesome international incidents never stop in Hetalia World Series! All your fave Allied and Axis boys are back, and they've brought a bunch of new guys to the party. You like to party, right? Duh. Feel the tension build as Prussia plots an invasion of Austria's happy little place. Try on a codpiece! Share in Spain's pain as he does his best to look after little Romano. Run with stampeding kittens! Swoon at the awkward new bromance blossoming between Japan and Greece. Eat a yummy churro! Listen and learn as France teaches Italy about the birds and the bees. Avoid Sealand! Cheer as America befriends space aliens and whales. Truly, no matter whose flag you fly, it's about to get all SQUEE up in here. Like, big time."

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