Netflix's One Piece: Mackenyu Teases Season Two's Epic Action

The live-action Roronoa Zoro is hinting at some big action when Netflix's One PIece returns to the small screen.

Mackenyu has been no stranger when it comes to bringing anime characters to the world of live-action, as One Piece has been but one of his projects that recreated anime classics. On top of playing the role of Roronoa Zoro, the sword-wielding actor has also had roles in live-action takes on Fullmetal Alchemist, Knights of The Zodiac, and Rurouni Kenshin. Prior to filming this summer, Mackenyu is hinting that the second season of the live-action hit will be fit to bursting with action.

Aside from hinting at season two's action scenes, Makenyu in a new interview also discussed speaking with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and the lack of advice the mangaka had to give, "It would've been easier if he did, but he didn't. He respects the actors & wants us to build our own characters. At the end he really liked it & it's important that he likes it & the fans like it." One of the big things that helped make the live-action take on the Straw Hats has been the involvement of Oda as Executive Producer. In the past, showrunners like Matt Owens have stated that many decisions needed to get Eiichiro's approval before moving forward, which might have been instrumental in making the show a hit.

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One Piece Season 2's Action Is On The Way

In taking on the role in season one, Mackenyu was expecting a lot more "challenging fights" and is looking to bring the heat when it comes to season two, "It wasn't that hard. I was expecting a lot more challenging fights for Zoro, but it's still season 1. So we can do better season 2 and in the future, hopefully."

At present, One Piece's second season has yet to reveal when we can expect it to hit Netflix, but with filming set for this summer, 2025 seems like a solid bet for a release window. Should the live-action series continue to follow its source material, One Piece fans should expect to see the likes of Loguetown, Little Garden, Drum Island, and Alabasta to name a few anime locales.

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