My Hero Academia: What Is the Fate of One For All's Vestiges?

My Hero Academia's manga is putting the Vestiges of One For All in trouble, leaving fans to wonder if they'll survive.

My Hero Academia's anime has returned as the first episode of season seven focused on the arrival of Star And Stripe and the top hero of America fighting Shigaraki above the clouds. As shonen fans know, the manga is quite far ahead of the anime, laying out what might be the final fight of the series. In a new fan theory, one UA Academy follower speculates on what is to become of One For All's Vestiges thanks to the drastic plan that both them and Deku has put into place.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga, be forewarned that we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory. As readers of My Hero Academia know, Izuku Midoriya has been trying one major gambit to take down Shigaraki. Finding that physical attacks aren't getting the job done, the Vestiges informed Deku that their best shot at taking down All For One's heir is to attack him on the mental plane. Allowing Shigaraki to absorb the Vestiges, Deku's predecessors are attempting to take down All For One from within, but have run into a major roadblock. Now that Shigaraki has been consumed by All For One, it's unclear what strategy the Vestiges can now employ.

The Future of One For All

One fan theorist comes up with an in-depth take as to what will happen to the Vestiges now that they have been absorbed by Shigaraki/All For One. Even with his powers reduced significantly, Deku hasn't let this fact stop him from remaining a part of the battlefield as he is continuing to fight the villains with his fellow Class 1-A students. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has yet to state how many chapters the manga has left, but however My Hero Academia ends, it will do so with a bang.

2024 is quite the year for the superhero shonen series and not just thanks to the events of the manga and television series. This summer will see the release of the fourth movie of the franchise, My Hero Academia: You're Next, which will pit Class 1-A against a dark iteration of none other than All Might.

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