Tougen Anki Anime Announced

A new bloody anime adaptation is set to light the world on fire in 2025.

While there are some highly anticipated anime adaptations that are set to take the small screen by storm, there is no story quite like Tougen Anki. Confirmed by REMOW, the new television series is based on a surreal, supernatural manga that hit the pages of Shonen Champion in 2020 and continues to this day. To get a first look at the upcoming anime, you can check out the first poster and trailer for a big new anime addition to the medium that is set to take the world by storm in 2025.

Tougen Anki was created by mangaka Urushibara Yura and follows its main character, Ichinose Shinki, as he grapples with his "Oni" powers while attempting to get revenge for the death of his father. Taking a page from Chainsaw Man, Shinki can transform into a ghoulish being when he feels the need, but the anime story harbors a twist in that the main character is going to "Oni School". To learn more about his powers and how best to use them to get revenge, Shinki attends Rakshasa Academy to both fight Momotarous and attain his bloody goals.

Tougen Anki's Anime Arrival

Besides confirming the anime adaptation and revealing a new trailer and poster, the announcement also revealed its main cast. Kazuki Ura (Blue Lock) will be taking on the role of Shinki Ichinose, Hiroshi Kamiya (Attack on Titan) will play the part of Naito Mudano, and Kotaro Nishiyama (Haikyu) will breathe life into Jin Kougasaki. 

(Photo: REMOW)

If this is your first time hearing of this bloody, supernatural franchise, here's how REMOW describes the series, "You inherit the blood of an Oni (demon)... The bloodlines of "Oni" and "Momotaro" have been passed down among certain humans for generations. Long ago, the Oni, aware of their own ferocity, lived in seclusion. However, their peace was shattered by an invasion led by Momotaro. Over thousands of years, these two factions formed the "Momotaro Agency" and the "Oni Agency," respectively, and have been locked in conflict ever since. The protagonist, Shiki Ichinose, suddenly learns of his Oni lineage following an unexpected attack by Momotaro. This revelation sets Shiki on a path to discover the destiny that lies within his blood — a meeting with the Oni dwelling within him. A new generation of dark heroics begins here in this tale of demons!"

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