Kadokawa Launches New Anime Studio, Bellnox

Kadokawa is opening up a brand new anime studio that has ties to a certain JoJo's Bizarre Adventure production house.

While Shonen Jump has a lion's share of the attention in the anime world, there is more than a little competition in the medium. Kadokawa has been in operation since the 1940s and is riding high on the ever-increasing popularity of both anime and manga. The company has helped forge major anime adaptations including, but not limited to, Delicious in DungeonKonosuba, Re:Zero, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, and Sword Art Online. Now, the company is forging a new studio that goes by the name Bellnox Films.

The new studio will be run by Koji Kajita, who anime fans might know thanks to his role in founding David Production. David is the production house responsible for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Cells At Work, Fire Force, Undead Unluck, and Urusei Yatsura. Bellnox will act as the fifth anime production studio from Kadokawa, which includes the likes of Kinema Citrus, Studio KADAN, Raging Bull Co., and ENGI Co. While Bellnox has yet to announce any projects following its formation reveal, we're sure that Kajita and future animators will add some dazzling entries into the medium down the road.

(Photo: Kadokawa / Netflix)

Bellnox Films Enters The Anime Arena

In a new press release, Kadokawa stated that Bellnox was created specifically to "incorporate a new production style to resolve industry issues". In the same statement, the anime company stressed that for many anime productions, there aren't enough animators and creators working on said projects to bring them to life. While Bellnox hasn't confirmed how it will be approaching tackling industry issues that have become more apparent in recent years, they did state that they are aiming to "further develop the industry based on a new system that is not limited by traditional animation production positions or job areas." 

In a new statement, Bellnox President, Koji Kajita, had this to say when it came to the formation of this new studio under the Kadokawa banner, "Through actual production activities, I would like to work hard to make the animation production industry "systematic'' and "rational'' so that it can grow more "flexibly.'' Bellnox Films has already begun forming a new organization with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of "creating useful works.''

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