47 Meters Down 3 Confirmed to Be in the Works

The 47 Meters Down series will continue with a threequel titled 47 Meters Down: The Wreck.

47 Meters Down 3 is in the works – and it already has its official title. 

47 Meters Down: The Wreck will bring back series creator Johannes Roberts and 47 Meters Down 1 & 2 screenwriter Ernest Riera as co-writers on the threequel. Filmmaker Patrick Lusser (Dracula 2000, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Drive Angry) will direct. Franchise producer Byron Allen of Allen Media Group Motion Pictures (AMGMP) will produce alongside James Harris and Mark Lane's Tea Shop Productions. Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Chris Charalambous and Matthew Signer will serve as executive producers. 

According to Deadline, 47 Meters Down: The Wreck will "follow a father who is determined to rebuild his relationship with his daughter as they bond during a scuba diving in beautiful tropical waters while exploring a famous shipwreck. But soon after their descent, their master diver has an accident leaving them alone and unprotected inside the labyrinth of the wreck. As tensions rise and oxygen dwindles, the pair must use their newfound bond to escape the wreck and the relentless barrage of bloodthirsty great white sharks."

"47 Meters Down: The Wreck is the perfect continuation of our shark-filled franchise," said Byron Allen in a statement, "This film will once again have moviegoers terrified and on the edge of their seats."

"We can't wait for audiences to be trapped underwater with us again," added Johannes Roberts. "47 Meters Down: The Wreck is going to be the biggest, most-intense film of this franchise."

What Is 47 Meters Down About? 

(Photo: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures)

The 47 Meters Down series is a horror movie franchise the follows unlucky divers that end up in dire survival situations.

The first film, 47 Meters Down (2017) was a simple concept made on a $5.3 million budget. It told the story of two sisters who go shark watching in Mexico, only for their diving cage to get trapped 47 meters down on the ocean floor. The film made $62.6M of that minor budget, and its dark twist ending made it a cult-hit with many horror fans. 

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) got its budget doubled to a modest figure of $12M, and expanded its premise with a bigger cast and setting: a group of divers getting trapped undersea in some sunken Mayan city ruins, pursued by hungry sharks. It made $47.6M, which was less than its predecessor – but admittedly the sequel didn't have the kind of twist that made the first film a cult hit. 

47 Meters Down: The Wreck is set to go into production this fall.