Nintendo Boss Teases Next Console Will Be Very Similar to Switch

The Switch 2 is now essentially confirmed to be Nintendo's next hardware.

Nintendo has teased that its next video game console will be very similar to the Nintendo Switch. For multiple years at this point, it's been an open secret that Nintendo will likely make a "Switch 2" as its next console. Despite this widespread belief, Nintendo itself hadn't confirmed as much as the Japanese gaming publisher instead chose to not even share that it was working on new hardware. Now, that silence has finally come to an end with Nintendo's president essentially verifying that the next hardware from the company will be a revamped version of the Switch. 

As reported by David Gibson on X (or Twitter), Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said in a call today following the release of the company's latest financials that its upcoming console would be the "next model" of the Switch. Furukawa didn't provide any other details about what the platform might have in store, but this is basically our first confirmation that a Nintendo Switch 2 is going to be released in due time from Nintendo. 

When it comes to the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2, well, we still have no idea when it might come about. Furukawa revealed this morning that the console is set to be unveiled before Nintendo's current fiscal year comes to a close, which ends in March 2025. However, it was stressed that this reveal wouldn't take place during the next Nintendo Direct presentation, which is now known to be transpiring in June 2024. Instead, this Direct will be related to new games that are launching on the current Switch model in the back half of 2024. 

Currently, not much is known about what the final year of the Switch might have in store. Later this month, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is set to hit the platform and will be followed by Luigi's Mansion 2 HD in June. Metroid Prime 4 then remains the one last major Switch exclusive that has yet to arrive on the platform. To this point, Nintendo hasn't updated fans about the status of this new Metroid Prime entry since 2019 when development on the project was rebooted entirely.