Speed 3: Sandra Bullock Wants to Re-Team with Keanu Reeves "Before I Die"

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock want to make one more movie together.

The Speed duo of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are determined to make at least one more movie together before their careers come to an end. Despite their wonderful chemistry and the profound trust they have in one another, they only appeared on-screen together once since Speed was released. Reeves didn't return for the oft-maligned Speed 2, and they wouldn't reunite until The Lake House in 2006. 18 years after that film hit theaters, the pair still want to find something else to do together.

Talking on the latest episode of the 50 MPH podcast, Bullock and Reeves both insisted that they want to come together for at least one more project, even if it is some kind of third Speed installment.

"There's no formula, it just is," Bullock said of their chemistry. "Before I die, before I leave this planet, I do think that Keanu and I need to do something in front of the camera. Are we, you know, in wheelchairs or with walkers? Maybe. Are we on little scooters at Disneyland?"

"It does feel like there is a siren call to it, like there's something that wasn't done," added Reeves. "I would love to work with you again before our eyes close."

The duo went on to talk about the on-screen chemistry that they share, and what makes them work so well together in any kind of project.

"We had an affection," Reeves explained. "And the characters themselves have an affection. I think Jack and Annie's is different than Sandra's and Keanu's, but I think we played off each other and I think it was just fun. I think, also, we kind of trusted each other, right?"

"Yeah. I mean, people have full-blown affairs in movies, and you don't feel something between them," Bullock added. "And then people can hate each other in movies and you go, 'That was electric.' We didn't really look at each other in this movie except for maybe three or four times, because we were constantly battling the elements. And I think that's what made it so electric, too, that is, watching it, I guess you want them to connect. That was a really clever setup, to sort of keep people apart. Foreplay, I guess.

"But I felt very comfortable with Keanu. There was nothing that I couldn't try or do or say that he wouldn't have, I felt, fought for me to do or say or try, and that kind of trust is very rare with actors. Anytime I threw something his way, he swatted it right back and you just go, 'Okay, there's my partner.'"