Helldivers 2 Update Fixes Eruptor Friendly Fire and More

Helldivers 2's Eruptor is safe to use after today's update.

Helldivers 2 had quite the roller coaster of a weekend after Sony announced and then later dropped the requirement to have a linked PlayStation Network account to play the game on Steam, but prior to all that transpiring, the most that players were worried about was whether or not the explosive weapon the Eruptor was ricocheting to result in friendly fire kills. Arrowhead Game Studios addressed those concerns briefly last week and said that there was indeed an issue with the Eruptor that technically was causing players to explode themselves or their teammates even if the cause was a bit different than what players assumed. Regardless, an update was promised to fix that issue, and an update is exactly what Helldivers 2 players got this week.

Arrowhead released a Helldivers 2 update Tuesday morning addressing the Eruptor and its friendly fire woes. The weapon's explosives weren't ricocheting off of armor, but it was throwing out shrapnel which in turn was causing friendlies to take damage. That's since been fixed with the weapon itself getting a buff to compensate for the lack of shrapnel damage, though two enemy types were buffed as well in the same update.

The full patch notes for today's Helldivers 2 update can be found below: 


Primary, Secondary, & Support Weapons

R-36 Eruptor

  • Increased explosion damage by 40 and removed shrapnel from the explosion
  • This is to avoid cases in which players would randomly one-shot themselves or their teammates in a huge radius around the explosion


  • Increased Shrieker sight and hearing range slightly.
  • Increased Gunship hearing range slightly



  • We have fixed issues with the way Damage-over-time effects were being applied. This should fix issues where only the network session owner could apply them, and other cases where they would be applied inconsistently.
  • Firing the Punisher Plasma while wearing a shield backpack no longer damages the Helldiver
  • Fixed issues with some weapon scopes not being aligned in First-Person-View.
  • The sound when stimming no longer plays while being interrupted
  • Major orders with the "Kill task" now track score correctly. Previously it counted the entire squad's kills once for each player, meaning it would multiply the score by the number of people on the mission; this is now amended.
  • Helldivers can no longer land on tall rocks in the "Horde Defend Missions"
  • Helldivers can no longer land on top of bug pillars in Deactivate Terminid Control System missions
  • Fix for the reinforce stratagem not being present if a Helldiver leaves the session before readying up and then hot joining the active session


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when all players were dead on the "Deactivate Terminid Control System" mission
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on game shutdown
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving the mission and rejoining
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of cutscenes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when diving into missions
  • Fixed a tutorial crash that could occur on PC when ALT+Tabbing
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using beam weapons
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur for players on startup when using VPN
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur if the player would open the text chat while having the stratagem menu open
  • Other general crash fixes

Social Menu Fixes

  • PC players adding friends through friend codes can no longer show up as "Unknown"
  • Fixed overlapping footers inside menus
  • Steam friends should now be visible in Social Menu, even though Friends List is not set to Public in Steam Privacy Settings
  • Recent Players list will now include hot-joining players
  • Players are now able to unblock players that were not in their friends list beforehand
  • Fixed issue with empty friend-names in Social Menu
  • Lobby privacy mode text updates immediately when changed
  • Player names longer than 26 characters should now update properly in the Social Menu
  • Fixed issue where non-host players could kick others indiscriminately including the host


  • Total purchased counter on the right side of the Robotics Workshop section no longer displays 7 / 8 despite all stratagems being purchased
  • Resolved some edge cases related to Steam AppId related errors on login