Mortal Kombat 1 Adds Mavado With New Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Mavado is the newest Kameo fighter to join MK1.

The latest update for Mortal Kombat 1 has rolled out across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. As expected, this patch has notably added Mavado as the game's latest Kameo fighter, which follows the arrival of Ermac a few weeks back. Beyond this, NetherRealm Studios has also made some other tweaks to various characters in MK1 that will shift the meta just a bit. 

Downloadable at this point in time, the latest update for Mortal Kombat 1 contains some platform-specific fixes for those on PC and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the update has some overhauls for Invasions and Online play, with the latter solving crashes that have occurred in multiplayer battles. As for the characters that have been altered with this update, NetherRealm has made some slight changes to Sub-Zero and Quan Chi on the main roster while Shujinko and Sonya are the Kameo fighters to be adjusted. 

To get a look at everything that has been overhauled with this new Mortal Kombat 1 update, you can view the full patch notes down below. 

Mortal Kombat 1 Mavado Update Patch Notes

PC Steam & Epic Games Store

  • New Online Benchmark UI screen displayed when failing to meet Krossplay Matchmaking FPS or Storage Speed thresholds
  • Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't boot properly if using certain 3rd party software
  • Fixed a stability issue with Invasions mode's Tarkatan Colony mesa
  • Fixed certain stutters that could occur when dropping below 60FPS in an Online match

Nintendo Switch

  • Fixed announcer's voice getting cut off after selecting Arena in practice mode
  • Fixed issue where Kung Lao's hat is missing during the intro cinematic
  • Fixed Kenshi's 'Festival Disguise' skin to properly change to equipped palette 

General Fixes & Adjustments

  • Move list corrections & Localization fixes
  • Added Mavado Kameo to Roster
  • Adjusted head physics during The Klassic Brutality
  • Fixed rare issue that could cause a crash while using the Copilot feature on Xbox


  • Fixed issue that could cause Xbox players to see a blank pop-up when receiving an invite from a Krossplay Private King of the Hill
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur while using Social Menu


  • Some Encounters in Season of Huntress are no longer required to reach the Season Boss
  • Dark Star Johnny Cage Energy Balls now do less damage
  • Adjusted difficulty of Raiden Trial: IV Encounter
  • Fixed rare issue that allowed player to walk through gate in Fengjian Village without using the Tea Kettle key
  • Fixed rare issue that could cause some opponents to have incorrect names during Ambush fights
  • Fixed rare issue in Tea House Mesa that could cause the camera to behave incorrectly
  • Fixed issue that could cause Geras Time Trial III to not complete if he takes damage
  • Fixed "Inner Titan" Talisman still granting infinite super meter after the buff has expired
  • Fixed rare issue in some encounters that could cause the opponent to have an incorrect animation after winning the match

Character Specific Adjustments

  • Main Fighters
    • Sub-Zero
      • Fixed issue that could cause Ice Slide to clip into opponent when cancelled into from Attacks near the edge of the Arena
    • Quan Chi
      • Fixed issue with "Charged by Nether" and "Seeking Power" skins using the same palette
  • Kameo Fighters
    • Shujinko (Kameo)
      • Adjusted how Kopy Kat & Mimic are displayed in move list
      • Fixed issues with move list that could occur after a Practice Reset while morphed into opponent Shang Tsung's Kameo
      • Adjusted when Shujinko can be pushed by opponent during Mimic Triple Ground Skull
      • Fixed lingering sound effects that could occur during Mimic Ermac's Death Embrace
    • Sonya (Kameo)
      • Slightly increased recharge delay of Energy Rings when used more than once in the same combo